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At Leonis Moda we are dedicated to offer quality pieces of timeless & elegant modest fashion for all our beautiful and soulful women

At Leonis-Moda we are dedicated to offering timeless, elegant, and modest fashion to all our beautiful and conservative women. We emphasize in providing our customer the best shopping experience and satisfaction with affordable and comfortable styles for any occasion. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Check back frequently for new updates to our website and changes in assortments. There’s much more to come!
We are stylist, fashion pillars, merchandisers – we are LEONIS


At Leonis Moda we are dedicated to offer quality pieces of timeless & elegant modest fashion for all our beautiful and soulful women

Hello dear lovable women. I am Leonis at LeonisModa and I want to humbly thank you for visiting my page and supporting my small online boutique business. Fashion has been a love for me since I was a little girl as many probably have. I’ve grown into it and decided to tap into a modest, conservative, and modern niche which is inspired by this same love & passion. I have traveled many countries adapting different culture, styles, and brands. Our brand started as a concept in 2011 going into all sort of directions with no ground and anything set in stone. I considered it a failure. However, by the grace of God and him opening the right doors, I was able to rethink correctly with a true purpose and mission, hence Leonis Moda is reborn in 2022. Therefore, all the pieces have been strategically chosen with strength and dignity in mind. We wanted to ensure that we would not sacrifice quality while making intelligent financial choices to offer our customer the best product and right prices.  The vision I have for Leonis Moda is an inspiration from fashion of the 1930s thru 1970s and even till now. I felt that these years, the women dressed very modest and elegant. This type of fashion played a role into why I wanted to create LeonisModa. Keeping everything simple, minimal, romantic, and classic. 
“Where elegancy and modesty meet love and you” – LeonisWe are a South African born family that moved to Canada on an adventure in 2018 and started enjoying Canada while living here. Since we’ve been here, we started missing certain products that we grew up with. These different products ranged from foods to television programs, the products were really random sometimes, but one product in particular was quality leather products and beautiful handcrafted ceramics. Products that are in harmony between style and functionality.

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